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Daniela Gioseffi 

Website of American Book Award Winning Author
of 18 books of Poetry and Prose 

Editor of

Poetry Videos by Daniela Gioseffi with Videographer Omar M'Sai

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Waging Beauty
as the Polar
Dreams of Ice

Women on War: International Writings from Antiquity to the Present 

The Story of Emily Dickinson's Master Wild Nights! Wild Nights! 

MeToo Anch'io 

Women Tell

Their Truths



“Gioseffi is one of a school of strong epic poets. Few women take on the page like a Whitman, Baraka or Ginsberg.”
        Her groundbreaking, Ploughshares Fund Award anthology,
On Prejudice;
A Global Perspective, with it’s discussion of the dynamics of prejudice made her a multicultural pioneer who won a World Peace Award.
       Grace Cavalieri, Host

       The Poet and the Poem, Library of Congress, National Endowment for the Arts Show

"Everything Daniela does she does well. Among other things I'd put my life in her hands."

    Grace Paley, Laureate Author NY, N.E.A. Grant Winner, Peace Activist

      "Her international compendium Women on War; International Writings from Antiquity to the Present won an American Book Award and is a women studies classic in print for 30 years.

        The New York Times and Carl Sagan said "a book that should be translated into all languages of humankind..."
        Both global compendiums were presented at The United Nations Plaza, NY City

"One of the finest poets around.... Eggs in the Lake overflows with poetic vision, but nothing is ever pretentious or done for effect." 
        Nona Balakian, Staff Reviewer: The New York Times


"visionary and powerful. With tremendous vitality.... Gioseffi is a gifted , graceful and moving writer."
     Galway Kinnell, National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize Poet, New York University


  "Startlingly fresh, animated, voluptuous. Gioseffi’s writing is mythopoeia”
           Library Journal


"In Word Wounds ... she wounds and seduces to heal .... The work's been described as 'mythopoeia, visionary, original and irresistible."
       William Allen, Chelsea Review.


“Gioseffi celebrates and laments her life and heritage with a voice, breath, and scope that might be likened to Allen Ginsberg.” 
       American Book Review,
       Rochelle Ratner, NBCC

Daniela Gioseffi is a vital international author, dedicated to planetary survival."

   Madrid global news: El Pais

  Daniela's BOOKS & Reviews


  Reviews of the Documentary:


Author and Activist portrays a life affirming struggle to make art of civil rights, democratic equality and climate justice activism." 
      - Edward Epstein author with
  Joe Morella of 
Rebel Heroes of the Movies, former press contact MCA Universal

"A compelling and enlightening, often moving film, a vital docu-drama for our era."
      - Maurice Edwards: World Drama Scholar, Artistic Director, Cubiculo & Classic Theatre

"Anton Evangelistia has done very well with his limited budget, More than well, Amazingly well!"
        -Lilly Rivlin, Award Winning Filmmaker

In The Press

 A Note on the Author


Daniela Gioseffi is an American Book Award winning author of 18 books of poetry and prose,  She edits, which receives 6 thousand global visitors monthly. She’s published in The Nation, The Paris Review, Prairie Schooner, Poetry International, Rain Taxi Review, Chelsea Literary Review and in many magazines and anthologies, e.g. Oxford U. Press: Stories of the American Experience. Her first of six books of poetry was Eggs in the Lake (BOA Editions, 1979). Poems therein won a NY State Council for the Arts Grant Award. Her latest books of poetry are Waging Beauty (Poets Wear Prada Press, 2017) and Blood Autumn: Autunno di Sangue (VIA Folios/ Bordighera Press, 2007) the year in which she won The John Ciardi Award for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry. In 2008, Daniela won the Order the Sons of Italy NY State Literary Award.  In 2003, she was given an American Italian Educators Lifetime Achievement Award. She's appeared twice on The Poet and the Poems, Radio Show of The Library of Congress, sponsored by The National Endowment for the Arts. h

       Her women's studies classic Women on War: International Writings (Touchstone/ Simon & Schuster, 1988, and The Feminist Press, NY, 2003) has been print for over 25 years. She published On Prejudice: A Global Perspective (Anchor Doubleday, 1993) to win a World Peace Prize from The Ploughshares Fund, presented at the United Nations.        

Her work appears in anthologies from Harper Collins, Viking, Penguin Books, etc. Her verse was etched in marble near that of Walt Whitman's and William Carlos Williams's on a wall of PENN Station, NY City, 2002. She’s presented on WNYC, NPR and BBC.She won PEN American Center’s Syndicated Fiction Award for Daffodil Dollars, aired on The Sound of Words, hosted by Alan Cheuse.  Daniela published three novels, her latest an e-book titled The Story of Emily Dickinson “Master.” In 2013, Bordighera published Pioneering Italian American Culture: Essays & Interviews with an Introduction by Angelina Oberdan. Her work’s been translated into Italian, Spanish, German, Serbo-Croation, Chinese and Japanese. A docu-drama of her life Author and Activist has been screening on campuses from Hofstra to St. Johns U. to St. Francis College. She was featured at international book fairs from Barcelona to Miami.
  Info at: Poetry Foundation of America    Academy of American Poets
     Her latest book is #
MeToo, Anch 'io

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